Hearts in the Highlands is a feature of the Highlands Civic Association Website dedicated to publishing stories about all the amazing facets that make up the Highlands: its history, its people (past and present), its architecture, its religious and cultural institutions, its schools, and its businesses. We hope you will enjoy reading the articles that we post and will return to read other pieces.

We plan to publish a new article at least once a month. You will be notified via the Highlands Civic Association’s listserv when new articles are posted. If you have any suggestions for articles that you would like to see as part of Hearts in the Highlands, please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.
Anne Cornell (Anne.Cornell@gmail.com), Peg Hambrick (peg.hambrick@gmail.com) , Gary Miller (gem7@psu.edu), Eric White (erw2@psu.edu) Editorial Board

  • Life on East Foster - by Tom Reyburn We moved into a brick house on East Foster Avenue in 1968.  A few weeks after we moved, my younger brother, Bret, was born.  My parents, Jerry & Helene Reyburn, bought the house from a formidable-looking (at … Continued
  • From Prospect to Foster: Family Scenes in the Highlands - by Carol White Remember a time when, on a summer day, children could roam the neighborhood like free-range chickens…leaving the house for a neighbor’s back yard or the nearby playground, or sometimes even as far away as crayfish pond?  And not … Continued
  • A Highlands Literary Legacy, Part 2 - by Anne Cornell, Gary Miller, and Eric White It should be no surprise that the Highlands neighborhood, being so close to Penn State, has been home to some world-renowned scholars. On our second “literary tour” (see “A Highlands Literary Legacy”, posted … Continued
  • Memories of Fairmount School - This month, Hearts in the Highlands brings you reminiscences of the Fairmount Avenue School from Mary Thornton Hosterman and Martha Rappaport.  At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, the Delta Program, an offering of the State College Area School District, became the … Continued
  • The State College Community Land Trust: An Asset for the Highlands - by Peg Hambrick Are you a homeowner?  Then you may remember the joy—and anxiety—of buying your first home. In 1976, Don and I bought our first home.  Located in College Heights, that 3-bedroom, 2-bath brick Cape Cod cost $42,600.  Based … Continued
  • A Hospital in the Highlands - Source: Doctor Grover’s Hospitals, by Jo Chesworth,  Town & Gown, September 1971 Two hospitals existed in the early days of State College. One, the Glenn Hospital, opened in the Highlands in 1926 at 249 S. Pugh Street (photo). Dr. Grover … Continued
  • Quakers in the Highlands - by Polly Dunn, Doug Miller, Selden Smith The State College Friends Meeting could actually claim to have been born in the Highlands, at 423 South Pugh Street, where, from 1913 to 1920, Hanna Maule invited Quaker students into her home for … Continued
  • Hearts in the Highlands Celebrates its Second Anniversary - by Eric White For the second anniversary of Hearts in the Highlands, the Editorial Board (Anne Cornell, Peg Hambrick, Gary Miller, and Eric White) chose to share with our readers eight vintage photographs of the Highlands.  We hope you enjoyed … Continued
  • Our “Fairy Tale” House - by Laird and Svitlana Budzhak-Jones We began our State College house search late in the spring of 2001. Our realtor had planned a day of viewing six houses, to gauge our flexibility on style, neighborhood and price. We were just supposed to … Continued
  • An American Style: Three State College Houses by A. Lawrence Kocher - by Jacqueline Melander All faculty members hope to leave an impression on their students.  A. Lawrence Kocher left an architectural impression that is still visible in the Highlands.  Kocher came to Penn State in 1912 as a graduate student in Architectural … Continued