Life in the Highlands: You Ought to Be in Pictures

produced by Mark, Valerie, and Maxwell Katsouros

In 2021, Highlanders shared photos of the Highlands neighborhood throughout the four seasons. Our neighbors, Mark, Valerie, and Maxwell Katsouros generously donated their talents and time to produce a video using many of these photos. The production is a celebration of the Highlands neighborhood and of the five years that the Hearts in the Highlands has been sharing stories about you, our neighbors; our homes; and our history.

Mark, Valerie, and Maxwell Katsouros moved to the Highlands in 2011. Mark is Director of IT Support Services at Duquesne University (Yes, he often commutes to and from Pittsburgh because they love living in the Highlands) and runs his own tech support company locally as a side gig; Val is an avid gardener, cook, and baker; and Max is a sophomore Meteorology student at Penn State, on course to graduate with his Bachelor’s and Master’s within five years, and is also an accomplished pianist.  They have a dog, Izzy, who can often be seen taking Mark for a walk in the neighborhood. [The video can also be accessed through YouTube]